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Blame Game


It seems that after every natural disaster/catastrophe/event it doesn’t take long for some political and/or religious nutjob (who am I kidding? That /or shouldn’t be there) to blame the queers for it. This week’s earthquake in Central Canada may not have been earth shattering (apologies), but somewhere someone is blaming me.

I get confused by the logic of this blame gaming, however; as far as I can see, there’s two ways of placing blame: either God/Deity/Skyfather caused it, or the gays did.

The usual line of thinking is that God/whoever caused the event in order to punish whatever place it occurred for being gay/being fair to gays/not stoning gays. But if that’s the case, he has lousy aim. The earthquake that shook Canada managed to rattle a few of the jars in my fridge, though I may just be attributing a passing semi with tectonic plate-shifting capabilities. A neighbor, one of the most fab people I know, didn’t even realize there was an earthquake. No one (thankfully) has been reported killed, and the queer neighborhoods in the major cities hit by the quake sustained no damage.

Alternatively, God causes disasters to teach straight leaders a lesson. But doesn’t that seem a tad vindictive? It falls too closely in line with the whole Phelps family version of God, who hates (insert pretty much any noun here). I can’t remember which comedian made the joke, but someone noted that for some reason when nature affects someone else it’s to punish them, but when it happen to you (your church, for example, catches on fire) it’s God testing your faith. Funny how that works.

I like to think that there’s a group of people who actually believe that the gays are directly responsible for natural disasters. Like, that there’s a rainbow coalition deciding when it would be bitchiest to cause some trouble. I’m sure how I join or how they accomplish their mission; do we have a weather-control device I wasn’t aware of? Are we magic? I’ve heard some pretty ridiculous anti-gay propoganda (see the Ugandan “kill the gays” stuff going down), but I’ve yet to come across a pastor or pope condemning us for drinking blood and communicating with the dead (wait a minute…)

As far as I can tell, God is either a lousy aim, a bully, or I have a secret tunnel to the Earth’s core. There can’t be any other option can there? Oh, wait! The G20 protestors, it must be them. Things like this can’t actually just happen naturally, right?

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