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Dear blog,

I’ve been using you for my own selfish aims. I started this blog in the desperate midst of my job search so that I could have some semblance of a writing portfolio to show potential employers. And guess what? Mission accomplished! I’ve been working for a couple of weeks since my last post as a technical writer for a tech firm. So I guess I owe you a thank-you e-card, blog.

The added bonus is that as a writer (if the word writer is in the job title, I’m only slightly bending the rules by calling myself one) I spend eight work hours a day making a portfolio for myself and I get paid to do so. Huzzah! Doesn’t that make you happy blog?

 So… it’s not that I don’t love you any more, and this isn’t your fault, but I have to spend some time with this new job. Really get to know it and spend lots of time with it. A job is a big commitment and, well, maybe we should take a break.

Of course I want to write stuff in you, don’t be that way! I finished three books, went to three movies, and did some pretty fun stuff lately. I even won a contest. It’s not that I don’t care about you or that I haven’t done anything but work, but sometimes we have to rethink our priorities.  

No, I’m not starting a new blog on Tumblr.

Look, I even gave you a shiny new theme and a new title!

We both knew this was a short-term thing. We’ll always be friends.

Maybe sometime soon we can have coffee together, just as friends. Maybe I’ll write about something exciting. I’m moving this weekend, so maybe I can show you my snazzy new place when I’m all settled in.

Until then let’s just see other people. I hear Le Plateau has finally started up in full force and Kim’s blog is always fabulous. Of course Rosel is always a great read… so… why don’t you spend sometime with your fellow blogs and really just get to know yourself?

I just want you to be happy.

Sincerely, Alex

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